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Techik participated in the 19thIntersec held in Dubai, UAEsuccessfully from 22nd to 24thJanuary. Concerning the future


Wuxi Metro Station with Techik equipments
 X-ray baggage scanner upgraded with a camera equipped on the conveyor in Wuxi Metro station 

Recently, metro group has been upgrading x-ray baggage scanners. The upgraded machines have cameras equipped on top the conveyor at both sides, which monitors the sequence of passengers placing and picking their baggage. The videos shot might be useful one there are wrong baggages picked up by mistake.


The x-ray baggage scanner used in the Wuxi metro station are Taihong Vision TH-XS10080 and TH-XS6550 which are characteristic with following points:

Technological Features

*Clearer images, with leading line-resolution and penetration power.

* Extremely low radiation leakage, close to natural lever around the machine and complies with any safety standards domestic and abroad.

* Super-thin inspection technology, quickly scanning the objects that can not shield the light barrier

* TIP function, for easy training and eva1uation of operators’ images recognition ability

* Random picking of image enlarging area and enlargement by grades, continuous enlargement and partial enlargement with navigation map function, making images enlargement for convenient and efficient.

*Images can be transformed to JPG,BMP, GIF etc and USB function is supported

* Special keyboard, images display and interface according to ergonomics, making it more operable.

* Module design, providing diagnosis function for key parts like x-ray emitter, detector array and special keyboard, making diagnosis and maintenance more accurate and faster

Excellent image processing function

* High-power and low-power display

* Organic and non-organic display

*Image strengthening

* Colorful and black-and-white display

*Multiple colors scheme

* Changeable absorption ratio

* Color reverse display

*Suspicious objects strengthening 

Add:No.145 East Huazhan Rd, Xuhui district, Shanghai, China, PRC